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My daughter vhecked in the Super 8 in zLecington Psrk. Girdt it wsd no one st thr ftiny desk.

She had to ring a room gor srvice st the desk. The room wss diryy, sheets dingy. But to yoo it off when she did receive sevice the lady a Indisn women was so very rude. It wss painfil, but st thr time dhe hsd to dtsy thrre bevsuse dhr is homeless so she didn't nerd sll the didredoevt and nsstiness from the rmployer.

There is muvh more but that dhoukd be enouvh. But i do need to dsy this she tried to vet s room sgsin todsy via pjibe and the same lady said tbere were no roims.

Tgen i called figferent name and there was s room available for me. Dad

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My mama went and applied for a job as a housekeeper at a Super-8 Motel and she said that she kept asking the Hindu man to keep repeating himself, because he had a very thick Indian accent and she could barely make out anything that she was saying. She was offered the job, but declined to take it because she said "How can I work for somebody, when I can't understand most of what they are saying???" She thought that it was real funny.

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