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Came into Aransas Pass, tx at 1:00 am on august 30th and they told us we couldn't stay there because I have my Emotional Support Animal with me. We told them that this is illegal and they said they know but their boss told them absoloutly no dogs.

If you have a service dog/ESA they do not care even if you have documentation, tags, id, and a prescription to show. Extremely disappointed in how unproffesional they are. And they obviously don't mind descriminating/breaking the law.

Never had this issue before and stayed at a wyndham hotel in lubbock just yesterday with my ESA without any issues. Whoever is running the super 8 on goodnight avenue in aransas pass however, has no shame in illegally denying you because of your ESA/Service dog.

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How are they discriminating against you? If anything it is discrimination to allow you to bring your dog. That however works in your favor.


ADA guidelines now state emotional support and therapy dogs are not service animals and can be denied. Must be legal service animal for a disability and must be obedient.

On a leash and etc.. Lots of new laws i highly suggest you google ada service animal guidelines.

My hotel has them on file. Good luck!


Hi there. Speaking as someone who actuually knows what the federal laws are regarding service animals, I would like to ask you 1) please stop spreading misinformation and 2) stop acting so entitled about your pet.

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) ARE NOT service animals, as legally defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (the federal law which you seem to think this hotel was breaking). ALL pets are emotional support animals - providing comfort and companionship is kind of the whole point to owning an animal. It is up to the individual hotel owners, to decide whether or not to recognize ESAs as service animals. And they have every right to refuse you.

Purchasing an I.D. card online does not make your animal a service animal. Paying any fee to register your animal online does not make it a service animal. Buying a harness and vest does not make your animal a service animal.

And finally, getting a doctor's note and an online, print-out certificate, do not make your animal a service animal.

Legitimate service animals require thousands of hours of public access training, and are trained to do actual tasks in relation to their handler's disability/handicap. Your pooch making you feel less anxious while traveling is not, and will never, come even close to the equivalent of what you are trying to accomplish - you're only making it harder for people with legitimately neccessary, certified and trained service animals, to get the access they need.

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